Who can participate in MedJam18?

Members of WOSM, WAGGS and SAGNO aged 11 and 16 and born between 1st Jan 2001 and 31st Dec 2007.

We are not part of the EU or the Mediterranean. Can we still participate?

MedJam18 is an event for Scouts and Guides from European and Mediterranean countries. However, we will happily accept other interested Associations. Please contact your National Scout Organisation or Member Organisation as they are able to start the contingent registration process.

How can I register?

The contingent leader of your country can register you for this event.  Contact your respective Association for them to initiate your registrations and direct you further.

What is the required number of participants for a contingent to be allowed to participate in MedJam 2018?

There is no specified number of participants required to form a contingent. A leader can register his members through his/her respective National Head Of Contingent.
The minimum leader member ratio is 1:10; however the maximum number of leaders to accompany a group of 10 is 2. This means that in the case of:

  • 1-10 participants there will be 2 leaders;
  • 11-20 participants – 3 leaders;
  • 21-30 participants – 4 leaders;
  • 31-40 participants- 5 leaders;
  • and so on.

Any extra leaders may join as IST.

Will MedJam18 provide tents and kitchen equipment?

The kitchen tents will be provided by the planning team and although you can bring your own sleeping tents, we are offering the service of renting one of the tents listed below:

  • 2-men tent: €80;
  • 3-men tent: €90;
  • 4-men tent: €155.

Kindly contact your Head of Contingent to rent any of these tents.

Will MedJam18 cater for members with special dietary needs?

Yes, Medjam18 will offer a variety of food tailored for members with special dietary needs. It is important to specify any dietary requirements on the consent form provided.

What provisions will be made for members with special needs or disabilities?

We will do our utmost effort to facilitate conditions for members with special needs. Kindly specify any special requirements in the consent form provided.

Where can we sleep before and after the event?

Should you be interested, we can arrange accommodation in Malta prior to and after MedJam. Bookings are open until 30th April 2018. Following this day, we cannot promise that we would be able to assist you.

Where can one find information regarding travelling to Malta?

The following links should contain the information you need. Do not hesitate to contact the MedJam18 organising team on info@medjam18.org.mt  for further information.

Can I camp at Ghajn Tuffieha campsite before or after the camp?

Yes, the campsite will be available from the 28th July until the 10th August. This is at a cost of €5 per person per night. This price does not include food.